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Installation is king

Fine wood flooring has to be carefully installed, and when it's done it's done for a long time. We recommend using our fitting service, using certified and experienced wood floor fitters

We take pride in our experience, mastering hardwood floor fitting takes years and is often underappreciated. Combining both technical ability and creative knowledge to help the project come to life. We believe we're the best in the business for our technical and creative skill set.

Creative Agency

Our process


Initially we will go through your needs and requirements for your project.


From here, we make both technical and styling assessments.


We will then advise you on your possible options and help you through your decision process.


We will then schedule you in for our professional and efficient installation service.

Breaking it down

From specification to site management we can supply and install our premier products. Wood flooring that offers a bespoke design, cut and colouring to suit brief and aesthetics. We offer an end to end process that involves both supply and installation of our prestige flooring products.

Products that offer a bespoke design that can match any type of colour scheme, cut and aesthetic to suit any project. Our creative fitters can offer both a high quality fit as well as recommendations with their creative detail.

Knowing your specification, we can make reclaimed flooring recommendations, which offer numerous benefits. Cost saving, more economical, bespoke nature and antique feel to the finish.

Our reclaimed wooden flooring is top quality and put through a reclamation process so that our reclaimed products are as good quality as if not better than our new wooden products.

No two projects are the same. We offer bespoke fitting installations for the truly unique projects. We have close relationships with joiners, wood engineers and the like, all of which we can use to make your bespoke custom ideas come to life.

Wanting wooden kitchen installations, or a multi-level bedroom, we can help you with your project with our broad range of experience, offering advice and giving technical insight as to whether the project can be carried out or not.

Wanting to take the design to the next level? We have close relationships with both architects and designers. Using these we can deliver a project that feels truly unique and take ideas into a reality with our floor design process.

We make sure you're involved in the process throughout, ensuring that you, the customer has total control of how the finished project will look.

In need of a colour match stair tread? We have plenty of expertise in this field. Including both rises to wooden floods. This includes straight or curved cuts, we ensure we can meet the technical requirements of all our stair pieces and we template them on-site before the commencing of any work. These templates not only ensure the work can be carried out but allow us to manufacture to maximum precision.

Our installation process within our commercial work is 100% certified and our supply is insured, giving companies piece of mind with compliance.

We have served a large range of commercial customers, small and large which includes small cafes to galleries. We take pride in our portfolio of work, with our commercial work being no exception and more so the standard we base our work against.

Reclaimed flooring

We're specialist providers of reclaimed hardwood flooring

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A sustainable option

Reduce, reuse and recycle. An alternative option to new hardwood flooring. An all round more sustainable option for your project.

Taking pride

We wouldn't be showing pride in our product if we didn't respect the roots it came from.

Bespoke and antique

Reclaimed flooring is usually one of a kind. Have a truly bespoke feel to your house and make it your own.

Cost efficient

Reclaimed flooring is cheaper to reuse than to create new flooring. We pass the money saved on you, our customers.

Why use The Hardwood Flooring Specialists?


We offer a unique service, we offer end to end management of your hardwood flooring consultation to installation. Meaning you have one point of contact, and no handover throughout your project to ensure the creative vision is maintained throughout.


Truly economically conscious business. With the exception of our wooden products, we don't cut any corners. We take pride in what we work with, and with that in mind we actively seek to be as environmentally friendly as we can be, taking initiatives such as our reclaimed flooring to the next level.


An exceptional level of expertise. Along with our end to end process, we tie that up in a high level of professional insight. This means we know what we're talking about when we're advising, and when it comes to the physical work we know how to maintain a high level of detail and standard.

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